6.5″ German Hashir’s Signature Shears

The German Hashir Signature shears collection comes in 6.5″ and 7.5″ sizes. When the HASHIR PROFESSIONAL brand gave birth and came into this world we decided to create our most popular signature brand by listening to customer’s feedback, really understand what makes scissors and shears great? Yes all scissors pretty much to do the same […]

HASHIR PROFESSIONAL Brand German Barber Scissors

According to Allure the Hashir’s Professional 5.5″ German Barber Hair Cutting Scissors were made with DIY-ers and at-home pet groomers in mind. Made of strong stainless steel, they’re long-lasting, super-sharp, and perfect for quick trims and touch-ups. Sharpness is key, as Hollis notes that dull shears can create split ends. Additionally, the handle features removable […]

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